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Learn about the launch of E4E-Connecticut and a call for changes to professional development.

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To prepare students for college and career, it is critical for educators to constantly hone their craft 

The nine educators on the E4E-Connecticut Teacher Action Team on Bridgeport Professional Development came together to review the research and study the implementation of educator development in schools and districts across the country.

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The result is a set of recommended strategies to improve professional development in Bridgeport Public Schools and a call to invest in the professional growth of the city’s educators.

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Overview of Recommendations


Problem: Professional development sessions are inconsistent and disconnected.
Solution: The district will create and commit to a clear, actionable, student-focused vision for professional development. The district needs to:
  • Communicate that professional development is a top priority in Bridgeport.
  • Support principals in working with teachers to develop effective programs tailored to their students’ needs.
  • Hold schools accountable to ensure that school-level professional development is high quality, connected to the district vision, and ultimately leads to positive student outcomes.
  • Encourage autonomy for schools to tailor professional development to the individual needs of their teachers and students. 


Problem: Teachers lack a voice in the current system of professional development.
Solution: Teachers will be active participants in selecting, leading, and evaluating professional development. The district needs to:
  • Seek teacher input when selecting topics for teacher development.
  • Empower teachers to develop and lead professional learning sessions for their peers.
  • Provide avenues for teachers to evaluate whether professional development led to the implementation of new strategies and improved student outcomes.


Problem: Professional development in Bridgeport does not positively impact student learning.
Solution: Bridgeport schools will adopt evidence-based professional development practices that improve student outcomes. The district needs to:
  • Offer professional development that is tailored to specific disciplines and grade-levels.
  • Create a professional development system that encourages teacher collaboration.
  • Sustain professional development throughout school year and incorporate classroom practice throughout the implementation stage.


Problem: Teachers do not take ownership of their own professional learning.
Solution: Teachers will direct their learning by setting personalized goals that are aligned to their evaluations, by actively engaging in targeted professional development, and by holding themselves accountable for applying new skills and making progress toward their goals. The district needs to:
  • Align professional development with Connecticut’s System for Educator Evaluation and Development (SEED).
  • Enable teachers to take ownership of their professional growth by setting personalized goals informed by their evaluations and hold themselves accountable for achieving the goals they set.

Our Professional Perspective: Investing in Bridgeport Teachers’ Growth and Development

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